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34 News Agency (34News) rose to prominence in the media as freedom of the press in Afghanistan struggles with difficulties and challenges, and many of the values ​​of a democratic society are threatened. This led us to start working and planning to deliver accurate and fast information. This mission is to perform our national duty toward the society and the people of Afghanistan. 

Kabul Afghanistan



Tuesday December 5, 2023


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Afghans are also facing huge economic problems, according to the World

34 news; In a survey, the World Bank called the living conditions of families in Afghanistan difficult and said that food insecurity is still high in this country. In this survey, which was conducted between June and August


UN Secretary General: Afghan immigrants should be supported

Coinciding with the International Day of Immigrants, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres met with some Afghan and Iraqi immigrant families in New York. According to 34 News, Guterres said that these immigrants, like millions of other refugees in


Women Protest Against Expulsion of Female Students from Kabul University

34 news; Several women and girls held a protest meeting in front of the entrance gate of Kabul University in response to the expulsion of some female students from Kabul University. The protestors chanted the slogans of education

Girls should go back to


Abdul Azim Badakshi an Afghan MMA star has been accused of

Indian media outlet reported on Wednesday the brawl occurred at Matrix Fight Night 9 in New Delhi on June 24. As a result of the assault, India Today said, Sekhar had his jaw broken besides suffering other wounds.



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