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Afghans are also facing huge economic problems, according to the World Bank
Women speaking up for their rights do not threaten Afghanistan, says Keren Dicker
Millions of people in Afghanistan need urgent aid, says OCHA
Prohibition of beer sale in football World Cup stadiums in Qatar
Pakistan will not act alone to recognize the Taliban government, says Zardari
Human Rights Watch is concerned about Turkey’s misbehaviour with Afghan refugees
The US has contributed 460 million dollars to the World Food Program in Afghanistan, says Thomas West
Women want access to economic and educational opportunities, says UNAMA
UNAMA has emphasised on respecting the rights of all Afghan citizens
Moscow Summit; The representative of Pakistan emphasised the continuation of humanitarian support to Afghanistan
Women Protest Against Expulsion of Female Students from Kabul University
After four decades of war in Afghanistan; Half of the population experience depression and anxiety
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