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Afghans are also facing huge economic problems, according to the World Bank

Nov 23, 2022

34 news; In a survey, the World Bank called the living conditions of families in Afghanistan difficult and said that food insecurity is still high in this country.

In this survey, which was conducted between June and August 2022, it evaluated the changes in basic living conditions in Afghanistan in the last one year.

The World Bank has said in a newsletter that this survey presents a bad picture of living conditions in Afghanistan, because according to the bank, widespread deprivation continues and food insecurity is still high.

“It is very worrying to see that most Afghan families are also facing huge economic difficulties, and access to education – especially for girls – is severely limited,” said Melinda Goode, the World Bank’s Country Director for Afghanistan.

He said that there is an urgent need for the current administration to take steps to improve food and livelihood security, maintain basic health services, and ensure that the private sector can play a role in creating jobs for many Afghan people, especially the unemployed youth. At the same time as winter is coming, many international organisations have expressed concern about the economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

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