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After four decades of war in Afghanistan; Half of the population experience depression and anxiety

Oct 18, 2022

After four decades of war in Afghanistan; Half of the population experience depression and anxiety

34 news; The findings of Human Rights Watch, which has recently become public, in Afghanistan, Ukraine, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Gaza, Iraq, South Sudan, and Syria show that people, especially women and people with disabilities in these countries often lack access to mental health services.

Shanta Rao Barriga, Director of Disability Rights at Human Rights Watch, said that millions of people around the world experience the devastating effects of war on their mental health, but few receive the necessary support such as mental and psychological treatment.

Referring to the four decades of war in Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch added that it is estimated that more than half of the Afghan population, including many survivors of the violence caused by the conflict, experience depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

HRW pointed out that according to the statistics of the previous government of Afghanistan, less than 10% of these people receive adequate Psychological support.

One of the persons, who was not named in the Human Rights Watch report, said that he was wounded in a suicide attack, but the doctors only treated his wounds.

He said: “I still can’t sleep all night. “I get angry easily, I don’t know what kind of treatment should be provided, but there should be people who ask about our needs.”

HRW has asked the governments to participate in the general meeting on mental health in Rome, Italy on October 13 and 14 to commit to providing health services to healthy patients in war-torn areas.

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